CD Madonna – Intimate – The Acoustic Album

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CD Madonna - Intimate - The Acoustic Album

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01. I Want You (Introduction)
02. Lament (Official Demo Recording)
03. Live To Tell (Ofiicial Demo Recording)
04. Deeper and Deeper (Official Demo Recording)
05. Fever (Live on the 1000th Arsenio Hall Show)
06. Sooner or Later (Live at the 1991 Academy Awards)
07. Nothing Fails (Live 2003 MTV Showcase)
08. Imagine (Official Demo Recording)
09. Little Star (Live on the Oprah Winfrey Show)
10. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Official Demo Recording)
11. Mother and Father (Live on the Today Show)
12. Guilty by Association
13. Paradise Not for Me (Official Demo Recording)
14. Like a Prayer (Live 2003 MTV Showcase)
15. La Isla Bonita (Live 2001 Drowned World Tour)
16. ZAZ Interlude
17. Xstatic Process (Live 2003 MTV Showcase)
18. I want you

Express Making of:

About Anger, provocation and ego
About Being revolutionary
About Enjoying success
About Fame and fortune
About Inspiring others
About Lola and Rocco
About Looking back
About Media and critics
About Power and using it
About Provoking and searching
About Telling stories
About The world we live in
About Using your talents
About What can bring happiness

Tamanho: 125 Mg

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